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Shadow on Concrete Wall


Shadow on Concrete Wall
  • What is Light Body Training?
    It includes the practices that enhance the phsyical body, tools and practices that enrich the mind and thoughts that direct our creations, and acknowldge the spirit and sacredness of life. Human experience is a mind body spirit experience. So, by incorporating an approach that includes all, we feel and ensure, the unique success that we are. We also find that our vibration goes up, and this reveals more possibilities which we are prepared for and can accept.
  • Who benefits from the Light Body Training methods?
    Over the past 25years, a variety of clients have benefited. People that are reaching for more in life do well. The personal alignment that comes from the training, gives poeple confidence and subtle re-adjustments that help them take things to a new level in work, performance, personal life and day-to-day feeling. Those with chronic health conditions or those feeling pressure often feel great relief and see their conditions shift as they make the inner changes that feel right to them. People that want to upgrade their daily practices and tools find many take-aways here and often, the new tools serve them greatly as they move forward. Athletes can benefit from the tweaking of training and, the new perspectives they may gain during their focused sessions. Presence builds.
  • Is it Yoga?
    Yoga is Yoga. This is a wellness and empowerment training that includes mind, body and spirit. The Personal Training methods include elements of high intensity strength training and variations known within exercise science. There are some tools included that are found in Yoga and Pilates among others. These tools have been gathered over 25 years in the field and direct personal experience. Programs are tailored depending on the client. However, the word Yoga, means union. Light Body Training also unifies and optimizes the mind body spirit sytem that we experience. This can be called personal alignment. It is a daily and moment-by-moment way of life. We practice new levels of function and living. It works.
  • Can you help me choose the best service?
    Yes! I am happy to discuss before we meet or, ask me in an email. All the services can be independent. But they can also be combined. I often include mentoring discussions and hands-on-therapies during personal training. All the tools are available and here to serve you. I am flexible in my approach and very happy to work with you based on what helps today.
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