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Personal Training is a foundational component of lightbodytraining.  Focusing on fitness, function, performance and rehabilitation. This form of training includes and enhances wellbeing and harmony of mind, body and spirit.

When I began my career in 1997, I found that Personal Training gave me a wonderful platform on which I could express my facilitating skills and, integrate new understandings. so that my clients may benefit. 

Personal Training is highly effective with attention to individuals needs in that moment. Conversations arise organically and it becomes a great session that is both physically enhancing and energetically uplifting. A person can totally align themselves and relieve pressure. This clears the way and reinforces power for daily life. 

Mentoring Sessions are insight full. It is good to be reminded of our strengths and our knowings. Life can present scenarios that require us to observe, contemplate, and sometimes gather, new understandings and skills. We can move forward. Mentoring assists.

The lightbodytraining approach is honest and encouraging. Direct and helpful.

In this great time of change and awakenings, we are sometimes stepping into new territory. We are navigating as we go and we are inspired to experience more life. Being open to evolve our tools, and identify what works for us now, is a helpful approach.  

Workshops provide a focused and energised time to enhance your inner energies and inspirations in a shared and encouraging environment. 

Paul draws on his experience and natural facilitating skills to share tools and insights that support the organisation of self and expressions in the world from a point of peace and clarity. 

It is a field that is growing as people feel they want to live from their soul more. There are many facilitators now offering wonderful perspectives and tools to assist in this process. 

Paul helps people see where they are, in a helpful light. Paul observes what will help or what is in the way. Paul observes, offering perspectives and tools to help in the present. Pauls stories reveal teachings that empower and inspire as each person navigates life and aligns with their greatest potentials.  

​People report feeling better, feeling energised, and moving forward with greater clarity of what works and what can help. People seem happy to have the chance to talk about LIFE and attend to themselves.

Individuals, Groups/Families, companies are all welcome to attend or initiate their own event..

*Send an email to enquire about upcoming or potential events.      Follow the Facebook page for the latest also. 

A person training and going beyond fear

Foundational Services

Personal Training

Monthly Rates Available

Exercise is a spiritual practice. Individualised training for strength, function, fitness and personal development.. It is effective, enjoyable and encouraging. 


In-Person and Skype

Mentoring soothes emotions and facilitates your best through the offering of fresh perspectives and encouraging guidance. Let's take it to another level.

Activating Energies

Within PT or Book Separately

Hands-on activating energies facilitate balance and clarity. Sometimes integrated with PT, sessions can be arranged when needed.

A client receieving energy work and energy healing to help with balance, vitality, clarity and uplifting spiritual insight and support
Mentoring clients for personal development, feeling better and experiencing more success on all levels
A person experiencing fitness and wellbeing through excellent training
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