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Success Stories

These are examples of people making great changes through their focused training and their choices of personal clarity.. 

Success Stories

Movement Flushes and Enlightens

Some years ago, a woman came to me for training. She was a counsellor. Her body was large and immobile, and she felt quite depressed. We gently proceeded with what we could do. I would sit with her afterwards and chat about life as she recovered from the exercise. After a few weeks, she began to feel a lot of pain in her body and found it difficult to continue. I reassured her communicating that it seemed she was now actuallly feeling her body for the first ti​me in ages. She was becomig aware. I felt it would ease and encouraged her to continue. She did, and shortly after, her whole movement changed. She felt lighter, and had less discomffort. She began to smile more. I also felt that her clients would benefit from the changes she made within her self. 

Internal alignment Affects Everything

I saw a client of mine training in the gym alone while I was doing some administration work. I sensed she was out off balance so, I approached her to say hello. I asked her a few questions like, "have you experienced this?" or, "do you feel like this some times?", etc.  With her agreement, she came and sat with me for a few minutes. I guided her through a process involving a visualisation. She opened her eyes a few minutes later looking totally present and powerful.

Some months later, when I was leaving that role, she approached me to say how that experience effected her. She told me that she went home and tidied her entire house. It took little time and felt effortless. She also told me that she had been feeling bad about it for a while and could not get motivated to do it. But that changed in those few minutes. It demonstrated the power of our alignment and I was glad she felt open to share this with me. 

Simplicity Works

A 70 year old man hired me as his personal trainer to help him recover from a hip replacement and prepare for the next one. He was very pleased as we proceeded with such simple exercises that not only gave him rapid recovery, but resulted in the cancellation of the second hip replacement. This demonstrated the incredible healing power of the body and this mans own focus and openness to his wellbeing and training.

The Power of Intention, Receptivity, and Choice

 Through regular training and discussions, a dynamic businessman improved his health. He joked with me one day, that he would not have hired me if I had told him all about my work at the beginning because he had not been exposed to such concepts before.. But now, it made sense to him and it was helping. I arrived one morning to find that he was a bit unwell. I suggested we do some energy body work so he lay down on the mat.

When complete, he jumped off the mat and wanted to say something but could hardly talk. Eventually he calmed down and explained that he had a vision. That vision he said, was like a google earth experience. He told me that he had been looking for a remote property for some years for a venture. In this vision, not only did he see it, but he saw where it was. Later, he flew to that place and found it intact with the last surviving family member looking to sell it. A few years later I received a text message saying, "by the way Paul, I bought that property!"

The Many Ways To Organise Success

I love to sit in cafes. One place had the most beautiful tables. The owner brought antique bases, and then created beautiful ceramic tops for them. I sat there regularly and sometimes talked with her. There were many customers going past but all were taking their food and drink away. I had the whole place to myself which was great, but I asked her why she thought no one was sitting at one of the seven tables. She wasn't sure.

I said it was because of the layout, and that if she changed it a bit, everything would change. I drew a diagram. She thought it was a good idea and said she would change it. I asked, when? she said, Now! So together we moved all the tables. Well, within two weeks she sold the business because it was too busy and she just wanted to continue making her organic food and supply the cafe. I couldn't get a seat myself! 


I loved her 'make it happen' attitude and her receptivity to my input. After all, I was just a customer sitting there sometimes. It goes to show, how much we can all help eachother and enjoy the experiences we share.

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