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Creating and Navigating Change

All change is created from within. We can navigate change from within. The way we experience change and create moving forward, is both a stimulant and an expression of wisdom.

Recognizing our self as a point of wisdom, a point of light, puts us in a position to remember, to create, and to know. This is why people naturally gravitate to times of silence, times in nature, and practices such as meditation, prayer, art, and music. People inherently know that from a point of personal alignment and harmony, they can reach into the unlimited self and the resources that come from now-here. Each person can decide for themselves, what works for them in this regard.

Through my personal adventures, I have had many times when I had nothing, and had nowhere in particular I needed to be. I found that when I accepted my situation, and encouraged myself in various ways within it, I was able to see a lifeline or attract an experience that guided me forward. In some cases, in quite spectacular ways.

Self-talk and encouragement of self is very helpful in times of change. Being certain while living in uncertain circumstances changes everything. It’s like living in a liquid that has no form and being able to gently move that around until it feels like something you want to make solid. A good attitude and a loving feeling towards your self, calms any distracting nuances and makes it easier to focus on what feels natural to create. Of course, we need to live what we have already created too.

When we create from a point of peace, that peace imbues our creations. When we create from a distorted position, that distortion infiltrates and is evidenced in those creations. We have witnessed this in our experience on earth. Some of the breakdown of systems that we are seeing, is the result of how they have been created. Sometimes we have created by force, without doing the inner alignment first.

With a sense of inner alignment, we let go of outcomes and expectations because the value of felt inner alignment is so profound. Ironically, it is that letting go and acceptance, that makes everything possible.

We need to trust in our selves. We can recognize that within us and as us, is source energy. We have impulses, instinct, and intuition. We will always move forward in various ways. The many and varied ways are navigated by soul and for soul, and there is alignment in that.

We are sacred energy. Not scared energy. The same letters organized differently!

Each person has a unique creative quality and a wealth of wisdom. Establish and recall your peace and move forward in the power of your light. Keep going as the source and wisdom that you are.

Life is forever, and it is ours to explore, experience and express. Or take that direct and say,

I Am

I Create

I Exist

Aced it!!!

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