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You Are an Amazing Presence

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Written by Paul Stewart

The world is changing so much, and people are changing too.

Imagine a field of grass. Within the soil, are many seeds. Seeds of flowers of various colours. Some look the same, but upon closer inspection, we see that they are incredibly diverse. Now, think about what grows. Now, this is where, in our personal life, focus becomes very important. What we focus on, will be our experience. The power and attention of our focus may vary on different topics. We can practice.

In the wider world there are different choices being made in terms of personal focus.

Some choices are unconscious patterns. Some are deliberate, but from a point of disharmony. And some are from a point of peace and balance. It’s all creation, but we are starting to see quite profoundly, what works and what doesn’t work, in a world that has already shifted into new vibrations of light. This will continue. We can join in.

Individual empowerment affects everything.

Growth, expansion, awakening, or self-awareness, are best understood individually and directly. Like the flowers in the field, we have our uniqueness and process that must be lived. I believe we are all well served to consider what works for us. How can we honour our uniqueness and our impulses into more life? How can we live from and experience the sacredness of our own soul in day-to-day living?

Life affirming disciplines and practices open doors to consciousness and self-awareness.

In my own explorations, practices and experiences, including my work with clients as a mentor and trainer, I have noticed that our interpretation of life affects the way we feel. That interpretation is sometimes filtered through established layers. Many of which can fall away. I have come to know, that we can refresh our perspectives and interpretations, seeing things differently and enlightening our view.

A perspective that opens you to more life, can feel very good. It can also be challenging.

New perceptions can come through observation, feeling, or listening. Of course, it helps to be open. You discern and make choices. A deeper knowledge of self, and a living of that awareness, is a world changer.

Don’t under-estimate the power of your sincerity and state-of-being.

It may not always seem like it when we look out into a changing world, but we are the seeds of a new field of flowers.

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