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Abstract Horizon

Light Body Training

Encouraging and guiding people in their power in life

About Light Body Training


Mind body spirit is the system of our human design. This training acknowledges, encourages and enhances these components. This leads to greater personal alignment. 


Living in alignment is the key to new experiences.

I am Paul Stewart and I welcome you to my work as a trainer, mentor, facilitator and encourager, of personal alignment and awakenings.

From improved personal alignment, we feel we are light, we have mental clarity, and we step into our natural living choices. 

Light Body Training pulls together a variety of skills and tools to promote success. The success of an individual is unique, respected and wonderful. 

In this modern world, it is consciousness and practicing with presence, that gives us success, balance and wellbeing. 

From this practiced and trained balance, we quieten the distractions and sense a state-of-being. We can truly be.

It starts with the individual.



Training supports us, mind body and spirit, in this life adventure. 

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