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Abstract Horizon

Light Body Training

We have it all within us. We see more and experience through the living of life.

About Light Body Training


​I am Paul Stewart and I provide light body training.

Through the living of my life, I have explored both the world, and consciousness, discovering much that has worked well for me. This continues!

In this time of great change and opportunity, many people are reaching out for new ideas, new feelings, and that sense of evolution and creativity in our chosen ways, that can be so satisfying.

It has always been my nature to share my personal skills, insights and creations, with others that are receptive. This has been a large part of  my formal career for 26 years. I feel so glad that I can be myself and offer a helpful service in doing so.

Throughout my career which includes work in various cultures and various elite roles, I have seen clients experience new levels of success in both practical, and felt life experiences.


Often, through simple training formulas known to be effective, or through sincere discussions and sharing of tools, clients can enhance their own clarity, sense their excellent evolutions, or just feel lighter in their days..

Light Body Training facilitates a strong healthy body, a clear and present mind, and powerful harmonious energy. You can be your self and experience more. You can let go that which no longer serves you.


This training can have profound effects on business, family, or other aspects of life. It can inspire new ideas.   


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My best wishes,





Training supports us, mind body and spirit, in this life adventure.