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Abstract Horizon

Light Body Training

Finely-tuned training services that enhance the alignment of mind, body and spirit

About Light Body Training


​I am Paul Stewart and I provide the empowering and life-enhancing services of light body training.

This brief introduction will serve well to give you a sense of what is available here.  Through your email, please share a bit about what you imagine for yourself moving forward and let's take it from there. 

Through the living of my life, I have explored both the world, and consciousness, discovering much that has worked well for me. This continues! My work with dedicated clients has shown that these insights and tools can support others in their own development, clarity and success. 

In this time of great change and opportunity, many people are reaching for new perspectives, new feelings, and that sense of evolution and creativity that can be so satisfying.

Throughout my 26 year career which includes work in various cultures, elite roles, and my own disciplined trainings,  I have shared, and witnessed clients experiencing new levels of success in both practical, and felt life experiences on many levels.

Light Body Training facilitates a strong healthy body, a clear and present mind, and a powerful harmonious energy. You can be your self and experience more. You can let go that which no longer serves you.


This training of your self, can have profound effects on business, family, or other aspects of life. It can inspire you to new ideas.   

For a complimentary introductory discussion, please contact me at the email address below. I welcome you and look forward to our meeting.

My best wishes,




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Training supports us, mind body and spirit, in this life adventure. 

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