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Abstract Horizon

Light Body Training

Encouraging and guiding people in their power in life

About Light Body Training


​I am Paul Stewart and I provide light body training.

Through the living of my life in a mind, body, spirit way, I have explored both the world, and consciousness, discovering much that has worked well for me.

It has always been my nature to share what works with others that are receptive, and this has been my formal career for 25 years. I feel so glad that I can be myself and offer a service in doing so.

Light Body Training helps people organise themselves on many levels. It presents new possibilities. It brings ease, function and encouragement. This is provided through sessions that include mentoring, training, and the teaching of tools of empowerment that have been shown to be effective. 

Enhancing your own true nature, doing more of what works for you, and nourishing your mind, body and spirit daily, are powerful ways to elevate your vibration and the experience of your life. 

​Acceptance is a powerful change agent. Light Body Training is a service that accepts clients where they are, and encourages them as they empower themselves through training. 

​I accept clients that are open to their evolutions and growth, and to feeling the ripple effect that they create through their decision to expand. 

​Email requests for a session or committed contract, via the contact form.

My best wishes,





Training supports us, mind body and spirit, in this life adventure.