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Abstract Horizon

Light Body Training

​A premium service providing tools of empowerment for the whole person




​Light Body Training is a mind-body-spirit consultancy providing training and guidance to individuals and groups, for wellbeing, function, and expression of our essence and wisdom in this world of possibilities.


  • A Premium Personal Training Service

  • Empowered Mentoring Sessions (in-person & online)

  • Energy Balancing/Meditation/Activation/Relaxation sessions

  • Facilitated Group Workshops​ and Training

  • Related Leadership Roles 



Warm greetings. I am Paul Stewart. Through this dedicated work, I have seen effects and evolutions enhanced by integrated training and practices. People have let go stress, become skilled at centering themselves, had better function, fitness, and ease in their body, and have looked at themselves as life consciously, in a refreshing and creative way. This inevitably, has opened doors for them.


​About Paul



Throughout my life, I have enjoyed a spirit of adventure and exploration. I regularly followed my natural impulses toward experiences and concepts that interested me. When I graduated with a Diploma in Sports Studies, the door opened to begin facilitating others in fitness and wellbeing. At the same time, I experienced an alignment in myself, initially physically and emotionally,  and new understandings began coming my way. 

Since then, I have continued exploring and practicing integrating those understandings and wisdoms into my life which is a healthy challenge. That practice continues and I know, there will always be more. I am grateful for my work which has been a stimulant for growth and an opportunity to serve others.. 

​At various times, I have stepped away from established circumstances to explore and gather more. In 2001, I departed New Zealand with $58 in my pocket, and travelled the world for 10 months. It was an extreme adventure  akin to an ancient initiation. I realised much strength and had many quite amazing experiences and insights. I also had times of anger and frustration, and sometimes questioned why I was doing this to myself. However, it had a profound effect on me and I felt different.


As I gathered, I was able to share my understandings with clients that were receptive. I also found that sometimes, , that was not wanted. Sometimes the physical training was enough to get started and was, of itself, transformative and helpful. 

My base in the world has moved many times including 5years in the Middle East and almost 9years in Japan where I studied two martial arts. I benefitted greatly form the energy of the place and the respect and organisat inherent in the culture.

With all this exploring and gathering, I feel dedicated to the work and I feel very aligned as I do it. I also have a wonderful hobby of painting which gives me great peace and something that I can do more.

My best wishes to you in your wellness, inspirations, and creations,




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Training supports us, mind body and spirit, in this life adventure. 

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