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Life On Earth - A Matter of Priorities

by Paul Stewart

People choose what they focus on. It is of great importance, and much can be accomplished. People evolve in various ways through such engagement. The evidence of their focus is their life.

All is known.

There can be experiences of life where the choice is not felt, or people think they don’t have a choice. In some cases, this is simply because of momentum or habit, rather than a conscious choice. Through repetition, we are entrained with patterns.

Just like riding in a circle on a bike in the sand, a track is formed. As we continue, it is easier to ride on the track, than to go outside it. After doing that for a while, we feel bored or flat like a plateau. We might start to wonder about it and feel an impulse to experience more.

These concepts apply to large processes such as business, roles, family, world dynamics and shared group experiences etc. They also apply to intrinsic observations, personal patterns and ways of being, thinking, doing and having.

A good example of this would be a businessperson that is having success and creating all they need. But then one day, they have an experience of feeling peace. They like it. They decide to have more peace. To feel it. This opens a door. In their own way they explore it, allow it, know it, and become it. They realize that they lost nothing of themselves, that they could not let go in the process. They gained.

It feels so good and deep, that it now becomes a priority in their life. But because it has been established, it cannot be lost. So, it’s simply just a matter of not interfering or disrupting it. That is a discipline. A choice. Every day, every moment, we are making these choices.

Observation, honesty, responsibility, understanding power, and awareness that there is no separation, are key ingredients that assist greatly as we live our lives. The world offers us constantly, such opportunity to know and decide, to create and explore, and to express.

Sincere living and openness to see and to feel that there are infinite ways to be, encourages us in our evolutions. There is no need for added pressure, self-doubt, force, or over-trying. There is acceptance, listening, inner impulses and unity. As it has been said, All of God, in a drop of water.

It is so refreshing to contemplate the depth of the soul. The all that is. To remember, that just because we are living in a physical reality, it doesn’t mean that this is all there is. And it certainly doesn’t mean that we are restricted or limited by it. It is not just a place.

We see the obvious, and sometimes, we are obviously distracted.

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